Silencers are used to control the noise associated with a wide range of industrial processes. Products include Vent Silencers,Blow-Off Silencers, Engine Silencers, Blower Intake Silencers, Gas Turbine Silencers, Vacuum Pump Silencers, Centrifugal Compressor Silencers,Discharge Silencers, Chimney Silencers and more. Current stock industrial silencer program includes standard designs for Engine Silencers, Blower Silencers, and Compressor Silencer applications as well as Industrial Separators /Silencers for Vacuum Pump applications.

Selection of Silencers :

Selecting Industrial Silencers requires an analysis of physical specifications, performance specifications, and mounting attachments. Physical specifications include inlet size and outlet size. Some industrial silencers and mufflers have a round, circular,or oval-shaped cross section.Others are square or rectangular.Performance specifications include noise attenuation, maximum pressure rating, and maximum flow rating. Noise attenuation is measured in decibels (dB) and expressed as a performance curve across the audible frequency range. Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Flow is measured in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Mounting attachments include male threads, female threads, flanges, and pipe clamps.

Application of Silencers :

  • Vent / Blow – Off Silencer – Silencer designation for rapidexhaust or venting applications, i.e. “blow off” silencers.
  • Engine Silencer – Used for noise reduction on industrial engines.  Both inlet and outlet silencers may be used; some products may be used for either inlet or outlet.
  • Blower / Fan Silencer – Silencer designed for the intake or outlet of a fan or blower; can contain air filters and other features.
  • Compressor Silencer – Specifically designed for use on airor gas compressors.
  • Pressure Relief Valve Silencer – Designed for use with back pressure or pressure relief valves to attenuate the noise associated with relief blow offs.
  • Turbine Silencer – Intended for noise attenuation on the inlet and/or outlet port of turbines, typically gas turbines.
  • Vacuum Pump Silencer – Specifically designed for noise attenuation at the inlet and/or outlet of a vacuum pump.
  • Automotive Silencer – Familiar type of silencer, designedfor used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, etc.