Air Vent Silencer

Air vent silencers effectively silence high-velocity air, steam, and gas vents and blow downs to atmosphere where sonic or critical conditions exist in the valve. Reciprocating compressors, screw compressors internal combustion engines etc., requires intake air filtration arrangement with absorptive silencer. We offer straight through absorptive silencer with intake filters. The filters are offered to an efficiency of 94% down to 5 micron particle size. The filter element is dismountable and washable. The silencer with clean filter is normally designed for a pressure drop in the range of 40 to 60 mm of WC.

Advantages of Air Vent Silencer :

    1.High-efficiency acoustic pack
    2.All-welded steel outer shell
    3.Lower chamber insulation (except HV5 and HV10)
    4.Designed for optimum space considerations
    5.Pack retention with pre-compression
    6.Inlet diffuser, depending on application

Applications of Air Vent Silencer :

    1.Designed to connect to any existing connecting pipe, thickness and material
    2.Flanged or prepared for welded connection depending on your installation requirements
    3.Fully welded construction to suit the appropriate fluid as well as pressure and temperature conditions
    4.Horizontal or vertical positioned
    5.Supplied with supports, rain covers, protective grid etc.
    6.Silencer performance to suit the particular application

Features of Air Vent Silencer :

    1.High-temperature acoustic fill material options such as stainless steel, Monel and Hastelloy
    3.Inspection openings
    4.Mounting brackets and other special supports
    5.Outlet head and nozzle-restrictive diffuser built to ASME Section VIII, Division I, to maintain back pressure or control
    6.Blow down time elbows, tailpipes and weather hoods
    7.Special paints
    8.Side inlet