Gas Vent Silencer

Natural Gas Vent Silencer are used to control of noise that arises during venting of natural gases. The silencers are made up of concentric annular acoustic cylinders enclosed with a robust steel casing with one end dished or flat end and the other end open to atmosphere.
The aerodynamic noise is produced when venting of high pressurized gas such as Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Blast gas and Carbon-di-oxide to the atmosphere. The gas vent silencer is mounted on the discharge of the valve. The fluid enters through the silencer inlet (reactive section) where the pressure is reduced as per the requirements and process condition. Then it passes through the annular space between the acoustic packing where the sound energy is absorbed. These are used to attenuate the high as well as low frequency noise to the desired noise level.

Features of Gas Vent Silencer :

  • Efficient acoustic performance
  •  Compact size
  •  Handle maximum capacity
  • Rugged construction

Application :

  • Compressor
  • Ejector
  • Air dryer
  • Auto Clave

We are engaged in offering  Gas Vent Silencer  that reduces the level of unwanted noise discharging directly into the atmosphere. Depending upon the gas or steam flow in a pipeline, we manufacture and export this  Gas Vent Silencer  in various shapes and sizes customizing as per the need of our valued clients. Furthermore, these are accurately designed by our skilled technocrats maintaining the longer operational life, durability, negligible maintenance, dimensional accuracy at industry leading prices.