control room or operations room is a room serving as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. A control room will often be part of a larger command center.

Control rooms are typically found in installations such as:

* Nuclear power plants and other power-generating stations, many oil refineries and chemical plants.

* Airlines, such facilities are often referred to as Operations Control Centers,responsible for flight operations dispatch,
monitoring, and support
* Major transportation facilities, such as bridges, tunnels, canals, airports,and rapid transit systems, may have 24-hour
manned control rooms to monitor and report on traffic congestion, and to respond to emergencies
* Various military facilities, ranging in scale from a missile silo to NORAD.The term “operations room” is also used.
* NASA flight controllers work in one of several “flight control rooms” in mission control centers; affiliated facilities such
as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have their own control rooms.

* Computerized data centers, which often serve remote users in multiple time zones worldwide
* Network operations centers
* Large institutions, such as universities, hospitals, major research facilities(such as particle
accelerator laboratories), high security prisons,and theme parks
* Emergency services, including police, fire service and emergency medical service

* Call centers may use a control room to monitor incoming and outgoing communications of customer service representatives, and to provide general oversight of the call center.
* Train dispatchers staff these facilities 24/7/365 to manage efficient rail operations & will include traincrew and rolling stock resourcing on a 24/7 basis. Connection to individual members of traincrew will usually be by mobile phone.