compressor is a machine which reduces the volume of gas or liquid by creating a high pressure. Fans: a Fan is a machine used to move fluid or air. It is operated through a motor via electricity which rotates the blades that are attached to a shaft.

Types of fans :

Depending on their designs, the following are main types of fans:

  • Centrifugal fans: In this type of fan, airflow changes direction. They can be inclined, radial, forward curved, backward curved etc. These kinds of fans are suitable for high temperatures and low and medium blade tip speeds at high pressures. These can be effectively used for highly contaminated air streams.
  • Axial Fans :   In this type of fan, there is no change in direction of air flow. They can be Vanaxial, Tubeaxial, and Propeller. They produce lower pressure than the Centrifugal fans. Propeller-type fans are capable of high-flow rates at low pressures. Tube-axial fans have low/medium pressure and high flow capability. Vane-axial fans have an inlet or outlet guide vanes, exhibit high pressure and medium flow-rate capabilities.

The air flow required in the process along with required outlet pressure are key factors determining the selection of type and size of a fan. Fan enclosure and duct design also determine how efficiently they can work